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Local Wrongful Death Attorney Information

Here is some local wrongful death attorney information we are gathering to improve the local aspect of our encyclopedia. When a serious accident has occurred because of another person’s wrongdoing or negligence, the first thing a person will want to do is gain as much local wrongful death attorney information as they possibly can. This will help to ensure the attorney they file a claim with has the skill and knowledge necessary to fight for the rights of their lost loved one.

When another person’s negligence has caused a tragedy that resulted in the loss of life of an innocent victim, it is a situation that can involve quite a few different legal issues that are very complex and quite varied. For this reason, it is vital to only consult with a wrongful death attorney that has specialized knowledge in the specific cause that a wrongful death has occurred. If the loss of a family member was due to an automobile accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, or workplace accident, it is important that they have a long line of expertise in handling the specific situation that you face.

In most cases as a person is obtaining local wrongful death attorney information they will find that a large majority of these attorneys work on what is referred to as a contingency basis. One such attorney I found online is actually a well know car accident lawyer. But he has a lot of death cases and info on his Ehline Law Firm PC website. This simply means that the family of the victim will not be responsible in paying for legal fees until a settlement is recovered. At this time a small percentage of the settlement is usually required for payment. This benefit alone can be a huge advantage when family members are already struggling to pay hospital, doctor bills and other expenses for medical care that may have been required. Paying for unexpected expenses like this can be extremely difficult on any family, and this is especially true if the wrongful death results in the loss of the family’s regular income.

A caring and compassionate wrongful death attorney knows the hardships and emotional difficulties that a victim’s family members go through when a wrongful death occurs. They strive to take great care when communicating with loved ones that have suffered the loss of a member of their family. They also take extra steps to keep the lines of communication open, ensuring the family is aware of the legal plan of action and strategies that will be used in recovering the settlement they deserve.

Anyways, here is that information. His name is wrongful death attorney, Michael Ehline at 213.596.9642. Nice guy and his map is below.

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Considerations in Truck Accident Claims

Trucking accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC

Ehline Law Firm

All too often you will notice certain attorneys looking at one truck accident like it is simply any other motor vehicle case. While a lot of automobiles may tend to weigh close to the same weight, this is certainly not true of semi 18 wheelers, and it is not a factor that should always be considered as merely black and white. There are a large variety in sizes of trucks these days, and how heavy they are, is an important element that should certainly be factored in on truck accident compensation claims.

Many Tractors Are Overweight

While it may seem too high, there have been estimations that out of the huge number of tractor trailers that continuously drive on our city streets and highways, as many as 30 percent of them are overweight. Nonetheless, an excessive number of truck accident cases involve tractor trailers that are in fact overweight. Truck accident attorneys say this is likely due to two different reasons. Undoubtedly, the weight of large trucks carrying cargo causes them to be less safe, which results in more accidents. Another reason for these accidents is trucking companies and drivers that have no qualms about breaking rules on weight limits likely have no problems with other risks, like driving trucks that aren’t maintained properly and repeatedly overusing exhausted drivers. In many cases, the suspects breaking these rules are those hauling such items as coal, lumber, and oil.

It’s a known fact that 80,000 pound tractor trailers do not have the ability to turn or stop as easily or as quickly as an automobile. Now just imagine how difficult these actions are for trucks that are overweight. With the increasing problems of the economy, this is a serious issue that has continued to get worse. It almost seems that the rule to follow across the board is to carry more cargo by keeping the trucks overloaded.

Having a lack of resources in most states only means that they are not able to police trucks and enforce rules on weight limits. This equation only leads to tragedy. While we know victims filing truck accident claims suffer a great deal, infrastructure and the companies that strive to be honest do as well. While this problem may not be easy to resolve, it will certainly help if more truck accident lawyers working for victims of these claims would make certain they fight for answers to the following concerns.

  • Specific type of cargo hauled
  • The cargo’s weight
  • The way the weight was distributed in the trailer
  • Were the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations followed in regards to the weight and distribution cargo.

This article was written to protect consumer rights by a personal injury lawyer, named Michael Ehline, at the Ehline Law Firm PC, at 633 West 5th St, #2890, Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642.

Traumatic Brain Injuries & Life Changes

Traumatic brain injuries change lives and require treatment, including traumatic brain injury rehabilitation treatment. After suffering this type of injury it will mean ongoing medical treatment that can change the life of the injured victim permanently in many cases. This is a type of injury that can occur during a car accident, bicycle, motorcycle or bus crash and many other types of accidents.

The types of traumatic brain injuries are in classes:

  • There is the minor brain injury that the victim normally completely recovers from within a short amount of time and does not require further medical treatment.
  • The moderate is caused by a non-penetrating blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head that can cause consciousness lasting from a few minutes to a few hours, there can be confusion that can also last a few days or weeks.
  • Severe brain injuries are the type of injury that can occur due to a blow to the head or there can be a penetrating wound.

This is an injury that injures the brain tissue and has the highest rate of brain injuries mortality rates.

Brain injuries physiopathology and breakthrough treatment of traumatic brain injuries are important for the health and treatment of the injured victim and the studies that are conducted help to advance treatment methods. This is an injury that does not discriminate by age or sex, since there can be traumatic brain injuries in children and traumatic brain injury symptoms can include:

  • Loss of consciousness for minutes, hours or days, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

There can be other symptoms depending on the class of injury and this will also be the deciding factor in the type and length of treatment the victim will undergo. This treatment can be costly and when it has occurred due to the negligence of another person, workplace, manufacturer or government agency the victim and their family have the legal right to hold them accountable. The best way that the injured victim can protect their rights to recover compensation from the negligent party is with the assistance of a brain injury attorney, since they specialize in this area of the law and can provide the best possible representation and have heard traumatic brain injury stories.