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Civil Rights and Marijuana Festival

With many progressives arguing that all the “progress” they made under comrade Obama will be lost with a new president, civil rights lawyers are apparently no deterred about the here and now. The attorney representing the Oregon Hempstalk Festival has claimed that Portland’s denial for the 2015 permit involves a civil rights issue.

No joke, he is really making an argument that is right out of the Benjamin Rush playbook. Portland attorney Ann Witte has filed paperwork with the Multnomah County Circuit Court requesting the court review the Parks Bureau’s denial of the permit for Hempstalk. Stating the city had no right in requiring the organizers of the festival to monitor marijuana use.

Witte’s filing is an attempt to stop the appeals process that would involve a Portland City Council hearing for the festival and founder Paul Stanford. The attorney claims the permit was denied in part or whole due to speeches made at a free speech event permitting the city to dictate what was allowed to be said in the free speech debate.

Parks officials denied the claim based on marijuana use claiming the organizers were complicit at the late September Hempstalk event held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Witte claims the Parks Bureau is overstepping its authority and is unfair in targeting Stanford in their requirement to police marijuana use at Hempstalk. The attorney stated the DA said the marijuana use is not a public safety issue as well as police not doing anything about the situation then for the Parks Bureau to claim it is Stanford’s responsibility she believes they have no right.

As recent as this month the Oregon voters have approved the recreational use of marijuana and in an announcement by the Multnomah County DA Rod Underhill, their office will be dismissing pending possession cases that would be legal amounts under the new law July 1.

Witte has accused city officials of lying about the marijuana use at the festival that advocates hemp and marijuana legalization for medicinal, recreational and industrial purposes. The lawyer has referred to this as a civil rights movement comparing it to Rosa Parks seating on the bus.

Source: Oregon Live.